Don’t get me wrong, I love smoothies… but every now and then I get bored of sipping and want to mix it up. Smoothie bowl to the rescue! It is basically a super thick smoothie that can be topped with granola for crunch and fresh fruit for additional texture. It …  read more 

Summer’s here. So if you haven’t already busted out your blender, what are you waiting for? I enjoy smoothies all year long, but they are particularly refreshing on a hot day. This recipe has a tropical feel; and with just a few ingredients you can whip it up in no …  read more 

Sadly, our Natural Foods Boot Camp at Whole Foods Market is almost over! We have had so much fun testing and tasting a variety of Green, Bean, Grain, Drink + Treats recipes. Last week we tackled ‘Juices + Smoothies’ and I wanted to share a recipe from the class. This …  read more 

You may have brought in the New Year with a champagne flute, but now is the time to trade the bubbly for a glass of green goodness! Green smoothies are all the rage these days; they are a welcome alternative to the usual salad, and are a great way for …  read more 

Beat the heat – and get an energy boost with this frozen green tea. The matcha tea is naturally caffeinated and loaded with chlorophyll which helps oxygenate the blood and energize. Matcha tea packs an antioxidant punch 10-12 times that of traditional green tea as the leaves are ingested, rather …  read more 

This icy drink is the perfect cooling summer pick-me-up. Adding mint leaves to a blended beverage is an easy way to add bright, fresh flavor without any fuss. I particularly love how the mint livens up the subtle sweetness of summer melons. The recipe calls for a combination of 3 …  read more