I posted a few months ago about why I stopped using agave nectar, and received a lot of comments and emails asking about health-supportive alternatives that are not as processed. I mentioned coconut sugar, but the truth is, its not as easy to dissolve in beverages like coffee, tea, and …  read more 

Beets: Most people love them, or loathe them. I happen to fall into the ‘love’ camp. When I was creating recipes for my recent ‘Seasonal Spotlight: Root Vegetables + Squash’ class, I knew I wanted to feature beets, but was unsure whether the participants would love or hate these brightly …  read more 

I’ve never had much success with herb gardens. Try as I might, my attempts at growing herbs indoors have all resulted in sad-looking, wilted greens that never yield enough for more than a few recipes. I envy those with green thumbs. If you are blessed with an abundant garden, you …  read more 

The holiday excitement has passed, and for those of us living in cold climates, it can seem that spring breezes and sunshine are an awful long ways away. Winter can be a tempting time to hibernate and fall into an eating rut. We begin to crave warm, comforting foods, and …  read more 

The ‘Whole’ Holiday Eating Series with Breathe Chicago and Whole Foods Market began last week with Part 1: Festive Food and Drink. The class was focused on simple, creative recipes for appetizers all paired with a wine from the Top 10 Holiday Wines at Whole Food While we samples all …  read more