I posted a few months ago about why I stopped using agave nectar, and received a lot of comments and emails asking about health-supportive alternatives that are not as processed. I mentioned coconut sugar, but the truth is, its not as easy to dissolve in beverages like coffee, tea, and …  read more 

I’ll be the first to admit that a few years ago, I praised agave nectar and recommended it without hesitation. I would rave about this “natural” sweetener being low-glycemic and encourage everyone to use it in place of highly refined white sugar. It had a pure, sweet flavor without an …  read more 

Olive, grape seed, and coconut are my three recommended cooking oils for a well-stocked natural foods pantry. Olive is great for salad dressings and mediterranean flavor, grape seed is perfect for high heat cooking, and coconut oil lends a buttery taste and imparts a high-dose of health benefits. Coconut oil …  read more