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In honor of my Simple + Fresh Raw Food Creations class coming up on August 26, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite raw food ‘grab-and-go’ products. And the truth is, they are some of my all-time favorite snacks, raw or not. The treats listed below help tide me over between meals and are always in my bag for air travel and road trips.

What makes these snacks ‘super’ besides being nutrient dense, is that they have not been heated above 116 degrees F. In the raw food world, this is a crucial number; once food is heated past this temperature, it is belived that vital enzymes crucial for digestion and abosorption are killed, and in turn, the vital ‘life force’ and energy of the food is no longer accessible. So, these snacks provide instant energy, are rich in satiating fiber, and loaded with vitamins and minerals: Snack happy!

Goraw Original Supercookie– Amazingly enough, Sesame seeds, dates, coconut are the only ingredients in these just-sweet-enough cookies. Since there aren’t any preservatives, they don’t keep that well, so share with friends! I love crumbling them on top of my chocolate-avocado pudding for the perfect crunch.

Two Moms in the Raw Granola– This granola is chock-full of sprouted seeds, grains, and dried fruit. This granola reminds me more of broken up pieces of a granola bar, as it is chewy, dense, and full of clusters. All of the varieties are great: the goji and blueberry varieties are my favorite.

Kaia Foods Sprouted Sunflower Seeds– This is a recently added addition to my favorites list. Not only are these seeds sprouted to allow for accessible apsorption, they are also slightly sweetened with raw agave nectar and are available in a variety of flavors to satisfy both savory and sweet cravings. The mellow curry variety is really good.

Nativas Naturals Trail Mix– When a recent flight delay left me stranded at the airport for an extra 4 hours, I was so happy to have a bag of this trail mix with me. It kept me happily satisfied until I got home, and I didn’t have to venture into the dissappointing airport food court. I have only tried the superfood power mix (goji, mulberry, goldenberry, cashew, and cacao) and I love it so much I’m not sure I’ll try another.

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