Speaking, Workshops + more

Are you looking to inspire and excite a group to look and feel their best? I have a informative, fun, and dynamic speaking style that has won over groups of all ages and sizes. My passion for healthy eating and natural foods is pretty contagious. The experiences as a chef and a health coach provide the personal and professional experience to interest and engage her audience.

I’ve led discussions about healthy food for babies, toddlers, senior citizens, and everyone in between!

Wellness talks are perfect for

  • ‘Lunch and Learn’ Events
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Industry Conferences
  • Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness Studios
  • Mommy, Women, and Church Groups

Curious about topics I’ve spoken on in the past? Here are two popular choices, but customized programs are available to suit your unique needs and interests.

Clean Eating: Making Mindful Food Choices to Enhance Your Health

Detox from the day! Amanda will discuss how to lighten up your daily diet – what foods groups can weigh you down, and which will leave you light and lively. In this 45-minute program, Amanda will share her top tips for banishing chronic illness, sluggish energy, and stubborn weight gain. Learn tips and techniques to help choose foods that will not only be delicious and satisfying, but will keep you balanced, nourished, and energized through even the longest of days.

Included in this program:

  • Introduction to acid-alkaline balance dietary theory
  • Clean eating discussion which will reveal 5 common food groups that may be sabotaging participants best efforts at a healthy diet
  • Appropriate take-home collateral
  • Time for questions/answers
  • Take-away healthy treat (optional)
  • Participants will receive discounted wellness consultation if interested
Optimizing Energy: Balance your Body – End Sugar + Caffeine Addictions!

Does your sweet tooth get the best of you? Or are you always over-caffeinated and under-energized? Believe it or not, too much sugar or caffeine can wreck havoc on your health and your attempt to eat a balanced diet. In this 45-minute program, natural foods chef and wellness consultant, Amanda Skrip, will provide tips on what to do when a monster craving strikes, and also cover how to prevent them from happening in the first place!

Included in this program:

  • Information on hidden sugars
  • Discussion on and sugar and caffeine’s effect on energy levels
  • Full disclosure of caffeine/sugar/calorie amounts in popular coffee house beverages and alternative ordering suggestions
  • Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners: What are the best options?
  • Time for questions/answers
  • Take-away healthy treat (optional)
  • Participants will receive a discounted wellness consultation if interested