food-based cleanse

Most of us are living very toxic lifestyles; whether it is the food we eat, the air we breathe, or the products we use, toxins are constantly infiltrating our body. The problem is that too many toxins can lead to weight gain, sluggish energy, digestive problems, junk food cravings, an inability to concentrate-the list goes on and on! If you are looking to give your internal organs a break from the daily grind, a food-based cleanse is a simple and safe approach. Cleanses can reap incredible health benefits, and are an effective method to launch a healthier lifestyle.

Food-Based Cleanse Support will show you show you:

-The 5 foods to eliminate or reduce to allow your body to get clean
-How to set yourself up for success before beginning your cleanse
3 super-cleansing foods you should bulk up on for maximum results
-What supplements are worth the investment and which are just a waste of money
-How possible it is to cleanse without starving and being hungry!

Results you may experience:

-increased energy and vitality
-elimination of cravings
-glowing skin and shiny, strong hair
-weight loss
-feelings of achievement and self-love

The Cleanse Support Program will include:

-a 1-2 hour consultation discussing your ultimate cleansing goals and outlining the program
-a customized detox packet with a meal plan outline and personal tips
-Amanda’s most popular, delicious, and simple cleanse-friendly recipes
unlimited email support with 24-hour turnaround


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