natural remedies: oil of oregano

Lately, it seems like everyone I talk to is, was, or feels like they’re just about to be sick. The changing of the weather always seems to test our immunity, and I’m someone that likes to be prepared. Eating well, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of sleep can go a long way towards keeping healthy, but every now and then, despite our best prevention, a cold can catch us. Whenever possible, I like to stick with natural remedies rather than resorting to doctors office, antibiotics, and prescriptions. I wanted to share a few of my favorite natural remedies to prevent and heal the peskiest seasonal ailments.

One remedy you will always find in my medicine cabinet is Oil of Oregano.

If you haven’t heard of this holistic remedy, oil of oregano is touted for its many health benefits and medicinal qualities. It is known to be an effective antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Specific benefits of oil of oregano range from strengthening immunity to reducing/eliminating skin infections and digestive problems.

For a cold and sore throat remedy, oil of oregano is a great defense when you feel early symptoms coming on. It is available in capsule or liquid form at vitamin shops and natural grocers. I find the liquid variety to be more potent, easier for your body to assimilate, and faster acting. Add a few drops (according to package instructions) to water or juice. I take it at the first sign of a scratchy, sore throat, and usually notice an improvement of symptoms within a few hours.

Have you used oil of oregano? What are your favorite natural remedies for seasonal colds and sore throats?

Please consult your doctor before beginning a new medicine or supplement. Oil of oregano can reduce iron intake, and is generally not recommended for pregnant women and those taking iron supplements.


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