10 simple tips to start your year on the right track

After a holiday season filled with indulgence and excess, it’s nice to push the reset button and focus on health. Whether you’re the resolution/goal setting type or not — the end of one year and the beginning of the next is a nice time to try something new and create fresh habits.

I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite, straightforward tips that can improve health, energy, digestion, weight… and all around wellbeing. Feel free to adopt one, two, or all of these into your routine.

Which of these tips do you want to try? Have any others to share?

Wishing you your best year yet. Happy 2016!

10 simple tips to start your year on the right track 1. Start the day with a cup of lemon water. Lately, I’ve been adding a teaspoon of chlorella powder for an extra boost of detoxifying greens.

2. Give your pantry a makeover. Get rid of the junk to make room for the good stuff.

3. Have a up of herbal tea after dinner to calm the nervous system, signal your done eating, and ward off late night snacking. There are so many flavors available: fruity, minty, chocolate-y, etc. Have an assortment on hand, or find one you love and stick with it.

4.  Unplug from the television, compute, and/or cell phone an hour before sleep to ensure a good night’s rest.  Studies show sleeping well benefits weight, memory, heart function, and more.

5. Rethink your breakfast, making sure you’re getting a good dose of protein. This will keep blood sugar levels stable, rev up metabolism, and keep you full until lunch. Eggs, hemp seeds, nut butter, and greek yogurt are all good options. Need a new option?  Try a chia bowl.

6. Attend a healthy cooking class to inspire home cooking. You’ll order out less, and have more control over ingredients and quantity of food.

7. Add an extra serving of leafy greens to your day. Have a side salad you’re your meal, or toss them into a smoothie, sandwich, wrap, pizza, soup…. Anything goes! Try baby arugula, kale, spinach, or chard.

8. Pick up a new vegetable at the market and experiment in your kitchen. Keep things fresh and fun. I love celery root, parsnips, broccoli rabe, or collard greens.

9. Swap 1-2 of your toxic self-care or beauty products for a natural alternative. Try a new toothpaste, deodorant, mascara or lotion. Keep things simple and add a jar of coconut oil to your bathroom to use as a body oil, makeup remover, and/or mouthwash.

10. Add a few probiotic rich foods into your diet. Think raw sauerkraut, kimchi, or coconut kefir. A good quality supplement can also work to boost your good gut bacteria which can have a positive effect on immunity, digestion, and energy.


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